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A  T  L  A  S

AuTonomous Learning Agent-based System


ATLAS is the first real-time and autonomous supervision system for predictive maintenance. ATLAS is made for state-, sequence-, fault-and throughput detection based on sensor and process data. It is executed on local industrial edge-gateways to compute machine health conditions in real-time with no cloud communication.


Reduction of machine downtimes. Improvement of productive throughput.

Analysis based on fully autonomous agent-based systems.

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ATLAS: Infrastructure

Quickly, Securely, and Accurately Capture Your Data.

Discover the ease of integration with our plug-and-play solution. Designed for swift and secure data acquisition, this system ensures every piece of information is captured quickly and undergoes thorough validation for accuracy. Streamline your data management process with a system that guarantees efficiency and reliability.

Hardware is delivered by ALPHOS-SERVICES.
The Data Acquisition System module provides a fundamental structure for efficient and validated data collection. This module features an integrated framework for connecting new sensors using standardized JSON mappings, allowing dynamic integration of various sensor types into a unified structure. Additionally, it offers interfaces with existing systems and equipment through MQTT, OPC-UA, and TCP/IP.
Our data collection system provides a foundational structure for efficient and validated data acquisition. Featuring an integrated framework, this module allows the seamless connection and integration of new sensors using standardized JSON mappings. It enables dynamic linkage of various sensor types to a uniform structure, enhancing versatility and ease of use.
Our dynamic program offers personalized Grafana dashboards tailored to your specific needs, adapting layouts and data structures based on your unique sensor requirements. Enjoy the flexibility of modular design with manual expandability, and experience the convenience of automated, robust dashboard updates ensuring real-time data accuracy. Dive into detailed analysis with intuitive charts for section-, machine-, and sensor-specific data, enhanced by automated API-Key management for Grafana. This is not just a tool, it's your gateway to insightful, up-to-date data visualization.
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Introducing our cutting-edge hardware monitoring system, designed to analyze hardware data for anomalies and faults. This system promptly alerts users to defective hardware components through advanced visualization and a data management system. It ensures that hardware parameters like temperature and power consumption adhere to manufacturer standards, simplifying hardware maintenance and enhancing reliability.
Anomaly Detection
Discover the future of data analysis with our Adaptive Anomaly Detection System, a cutting-edge, unsupervised anomaly detection solution. It processes and analyzes data autonomously, eliminating the need for costly data segmentation and annotation. This system not only includes automated and continuous domain adaptation for real-time analysis and interpretation of data deviations but also integrates seamlessly with Grafana to create an efficient automatic alarm system. Explore a smarter way to monitor your data.



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